Virginia Notes
Virginia Notes
VIRGINIA NOTES creates soul awakening objects. VIRGINIA NOTES is a brand, created by Virginia Zaharieva, 2017. NOTES meanings: important message, musical tone, voice intonation, fragrance, to note (v.) – to notice or pay attention to something important; to reflect; to record, to show, to point out, to stress, etc. All those meanings reflect VIRGINIA NOTES motions.

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The House of Medusa

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  1. The heart of this ambient project is an ancient Roman water cistern. The sounds expressing it, give us the feeling of a huge space, sheltering us to create other alternative worlds. You feel as though you find yourself on a windy interplanetary station, or in catacombs where people and monsters wander. Strange place to be creative, but only those who are brave enough to meet their fears or the underground shadows that rule them can clear some space for creativity and joy.