Virginia Notes
Virginia Notes
VIRGINIA NOTES creates soul awakening objects. VIRGINIA NOTES is a brand, created by Virginia Zaharieva, 2017. NOTES meanings: important message, musical tone, voice intonation, fragrance, to note (v.) – to notice or pay attention to something important; to reflect; to record, to show, to point out, to stress, etc. All those meanings reflect VIRGINIA NOTES motions.

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May 1, 2017

Calligraphy and Who is in?

02-10 of November  – 2017 in Rila Mountain Bulgaria

Hotel «Nicol» – Dolna Bania  – 45 min drive from Sofia

Place –

With Ganga Cording and Virginia Zaharieva

Calligraphy & Who is in workshop is happening for the 11th time in Bulgaria!!!

We meditate and paint every day, we go for walks and we have our own hot spring and eat delicious food.

We will do a full three day Satori/Who is in/, during which we will paint one session per day. All the other days we will combine Who Is In? with plenty of calligraphy as well as all the other activities.

During the Who is in?, probably day 2,3,4 we will be in silence and isolation, so no internet, sms or phone calls during that time. We really want to go in and get in touch with our resources in order to be ready for great calligraphy. So, take care of outside communication for these three days beforehand.

The focus of the workshop is full expression of ourselves not to learn techniques or practice beautiful letters. It is about expansion, joy, adventure, discovering what is dormant in us and waiting to find expression. We also deal with the questions: What is creativity? Who is painting? What is in the way of creativity, and what supports my creativity?

Looking forward meeting all the hidden or already manifested artists in this wonderfully spontaneous energetic and joyous exploration and expression of ourselves.

Please book as soon as possible, because we need to organize much and order many materials.

The process will last 9 days from 2-10 of November  and will be only for 15 people.

It is good to arrive in the hotel at 4 pm on 2nd of November. The retreat ends at 1 pm on 10th of November.

Early booking before the 01 august 2017 is 830 euro per person – it is prize for participation, food, accommodation, materials and organization.

Middle booking before 01 of October 2017 is  890 еuro per person

After the 1st of October the amount for participation will be 950 еuro.

What to bring: Loose comfortable clothes, warm jacket and sweater, small back pack, water bottle, sport shoes for walking in the mountain and jogging for active meditations, woolen or cotton big scarfs, a woolen hat, bathing costume, apron for the drawing.

Brushes, paper, ink stone, ink and stamps will be provided.

If you have your own bring them please.

Bulgarian mountains and hot springs are waiting for you.

For more information: Virginia Zaharieva –  +359 888814995