Virginia Notes
Virginia Notes
VIRGINIA NOTES creates soul awakening objects. VIRGINIA NOTES is a brand, created by Virginia Zaharieva, 2017. NOTES meanings: important message, musical tone, voice intonation, fragrance, to note (v.) – to notice or pay attention to something important; to reflect; to record, to show, to point out, to stress, etc. All those meanings reflect VIRGINIA NOTES motions.

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April 20, 2017


Virginia Zaharieva is an artist, writer and body psychotherapist.
Her novel Nine Rabbits is among the most important Bulgarian books to appear over the past two decades. The book is translated in English and published in England /2012/ and USA /Black balloon 2014/.

Аs a conceptual artist she creates performances and installations:
Let the Bath BE, in the Central Mineral Sofia Bath, 2018 awarded by WHATA
Detachement, 2018/ Structura Gallery/,
Music,Words & Vegetables, 2007 /the Red House;
The mercy of small mirrors, 2006 /Irida Gallery/,
Tomato soup, 2005/Red House/,
Installation for text and metronomes, 2005 /Irida/.
Vulnerability – five movements, 2003 / Central Mineral Sofia Bath/
She is an author and producer of two ambient projects: Bulgarian nature sounds, 2001, and The House of Medusa – sounds for creation, 2007.
In all of her literary and civic endeavours over the years, Virginia Zaharieva has been working to help the female voice to be heard.
She was a chief redactor and editor of the first gender magazine in Bulgaria P.S. 1999-2003.
Literary critics have labelled her as a brilliant representative of Bulgarian ecriture feminine. She has 5 books of poetry and one collection of essays “The mercy of a small mirrors”/Ciela, 2010/ and one novel Nine rabbits, 2008, QM.
She was a director of the Bulgarian Institute for Neoreichian Analytical Psychotherapy 2011-2019.
Her devotion is art, design, walking in the mountain, calligraphy, cooking and sitting in silence.
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